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10 Cc

Genres: Rock

American Panorama Lyrics - 10 Cc

Martin Luther B.B. King 

You had a dream and you make us swing 

Doctor Winston J.F.K. 

You had a dream but they blew you away 

American panorama 

Big apple rice banana 

Bit but keep your backs against the wall 

Pretzel logic does apply 

Oh fast food junk food gets you by 

You got delis diners southern fries 

And burgen queens with hungry eyes 

That's American panorama 

Aerobatic instant karma 

Run but do your jogging in the car 

Tricky didn't make it 

But his part deserves an oscar 

When he proved that you can fool the people 

all the time 

And from the Rockies to the Hudson 

Everybody loves a winner 

Turn a blind eye to corruption 

While the nation grows 

Oh oh I feel the pressure rising 

You're on top of the world but it's about to blow 

Do you know what you're doing? 

Do you know? 

Take a look at what you've done 

You are the shape of things to come 

It's science fiction coming true 

You can shoot the stars it's up to you 

American panorama 

Living in a TV drama 

Turn it off and make the dream come true 

Oh oh American panorama 

Living in a TV drama 

Turn it off and make the dream come true 




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