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10 Cc

Genres: Rock

How'm I Ever Gonna Say Goodbye Lyrics - 10 Cc

I've been thinkin' writin' you a letter 

Maybe telegram would be better 

I'll be worried how it's gonna get there 

So I go and change my mind 


Need a little time to chew it over 

But every day I grow a little older 

Got de devil sittin' on me shoulder 

Gonna make me change my mind 


Got me drinkin' even got me smokin' 

Got me sinkin' nearly got me chokin' 

What'll you do in the morning 

What'll you do in the morning 

When I'm gone 




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Thought I'd better have me a vacation 

Got my ticket made my reservation 

Want my name address and occupation 

So I go and change my mind 

How'm I ever gonna say goodbye 

How'm I ever gonna go to sleep at night 

How'm I ever gonna close my eyes 

How'm I ever gonna sleep alone at night 



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