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10 Cc

Genres: Rock

Overdraft In Overdrive Lyrics - 10 Cc

I got a letter this morning 

My overdraft's in overdrive 

They wanna know what I'm gonna do about it 

How I'm proposing to survive 

Stay alive stay alive oooh 

They want the money 

so I work and work and work ...... 

They're making me roast 

The cheque's in the post 

You needn't worry worry worry.... 

You hit the roof when I'm on the floor 

Did I ever let you down before 

I got a letter from my broker 

He say he broker than me 

My silver mine has tarnished over 

I'm on the road to tragedy 

Help me, help me, oooooh 

I need the money 

so I work and work and work..... 

I'm deeper in debt, I'm covered in sweat 

You make me worry, worry, worry.... 

This nightmare's giving me the shakes 

Hope I wake and find it's all a mistake 

I started with nothing, and worked my way down 

I know the things that I do, they mystify you 

It's a strange way of living 

But I like playing with fire 

I'm always walking the wire 

And when the tightrope snaps 

You'll see my world collapse 

I got a letter this morning 

Must be my lucky day 

Seems I've inherited a fortune 

Rich Uncle Sam passed away, away, away, ooooh 

I'm in the money 

No more work and work and work..... 

My banker's aghast, I'm dripping with cash 

No need to worry, worry, worry..... 

You need an angel to survive 

An overdraft in overdrive 




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