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10 Cc

Genres: Rock

Rock 'n' Roll Lullaby Lyrics - 10 Cc

Listen while I sing you to sleep 

With a rock 'n' roll lullaby 

Close your eyes and don't you peep 

This is a rock 'n' roll lullaby 

Sandman's gonna get you 

Snuggle down your sleepy head 

It's gettin' late the Sandman said 

Your dreams are waiting 

It's daybreak in the land of nod 

So get to sleep you little sod 

Your dreams are waiting 

And if you get a nightmare 

Would you go and shake your Ma 

Cause your Daddy's been a workin' all day 

And if you go and get a glass of water by yourself 

You can show us that you're older than you are 

Show us that you're older 

The Sandman's gonna get you 

Well you're too young to understand 

You're living in a wonderland 

Your dreams are waitin' 

If only we could be there too 

And dream a dream along with you 

Your dreams are waitin' 

Careful that you don't get out the wrong side of the cot 

Are you gonna be an angel or a devil 

You're too small to reason what is right and what is wrong 

Childhood dreams are gone too fast 

There's no way we can make them last 

We'll always love you anyway 

Any way you are 

Any way you are 




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