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10 Cc

Genres: Rock

Sand In My Face Lyrics - 10 Cc

I looked in the mirror 

(What did you see looking at you?) 

I saw a nine stone weakling 

(What will you do?) 


Dynamic tension waiting for you? 

Dynamic tension make a man out of you 


I opened my magazine 

(What did you see?) 

I saw Mr. France 

(what did he have?) 

A girl on each shoulder 

(What else?) 

And one in his pants 


Dynamic tension can do this for you 

Dynamic tension make a man out of 

You you you you you 




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So our hero goes down to the beach 

He's in real terrible shape 

His chick's been seen with big Alex 

That mother kicked sand in his face 

Now let me tell you about Alex 

He's got: 

Hands like hams 

Knees like trees 

200 lbs 

Of surfboard Hercules 


Mr. atlas won't you bring her on back to me 

I lost my girl down by the beach 

She's with Alex and she's out of reach 

So please Mr. Atlas won't you bring her on back to me 

I saw your body in an advert on tv 

But what convinced me was your money back guarantee 




Now I'm stronger than Alex 

(Where is he now?) 

He's left in disgrace 

(Oh yeah?) 

'Cause I took back my girlfriend 

(Ha, ha, ha, ha) 

And kicked sand in his face 

(In his eyes, in his ears, in his nose) 


Dynamic tension waiting for you 

Dynamic tension make a man out of you 

Dynamic tension, dynamic tension 

Dynamic tension, dynamic tension 

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