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10 Cc

Genres: Rock

Take These Chains Lyrics - 10 Cc

Baby baby oh baby 

I'd love to love you 

But my hands are tied 

Break these chains 

Oh oh these chains that are killing me 


You don't need money if you've got love 

We've got each other and its more than enough 

Break these chains 

Oh oh these chains that are holding me 




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Ooh ooh my love 

It's all too much for me to take 


Take these chains 

Take these chains 


She never thought that I could live without her 

All the little things she used to do 

Then I fell in love with you 

You found me 

You took me in 

When no one wanted me 


Making love on a sandy beach 

The stars above us and we're clean out of reach 

Of my chains 

oh oh the chains that were killing me 




And you make everything a paradise 

And paradise with you is twice as nice 

Never change, never change what you're doing to me 


Never change 

Never change 


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