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10 Cc

Genres: Rock

The Anonymous Alcoholic Lyrics - 10 Cc

You walk in the room 

The folks are all there 

With glasses in hand 

But you can't take the band 

So you head for the bar 

The barman's well stocked 

He knows where you're at 

He offers a drink 

But you can't take none of that 

(No you can't take none of that) 


Everybody's having fun 

So why be the one 

Who's out in the cold 

It's not good enough 

You made a deal with yourself 

You said you'd never take another drop 

Your craving's big, your livers shot 

You'd give a million for a solitary drop 




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You take your first belt 

It tastes like pure hell 

The second one drops 

Intentions are shot 

Well you think you might as well 

You take another sip 

You get to likin' it 

The music sounds hip 

So you head for the floor 

(So you head for the floor) 

Yea yea yea yea yea 


Well you step out on the dance floor 

And you grab at your boss's wife 

You've been longing to hold her close 

For the whole of your working life 

And the band played on 




Move your ass 

Well your hostess is lookin' mad 

As your hands start to wander 

And your boss is gonna get you now 

He's gonna put you six feet under 

You get walked out the door 

And your feet don't touch the floor 

You're never gonna see 'em no more 


The dawn starts to break 

Your heads a big ache 

You're lyin' in bed 

You're back from the dead 

And your mouth feels like old leather 

(Old leather) 

Never do it again 

(You'll never do it again) 


Everyone was havin' fun 

But you were the one 

Kicked out in the cold 

You slept in your clothes 

You let 'em down 

Down at the club 

You know your confidence got to take the rub 

Your boss is sore 

You've had your chance 

He says he never wants to see you again 

Don't want to see you again 

(Don't want to see you again) 


You've got to dry out 

The boys have found out 

It's the end of the line 

But it's martini time 

So you head for the bar 


Oh where am I now 


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