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10 Cc

Genres: Rock

Welcome To The World Lyrics - 10 Cc

You're through gestation so welcome to the world 

We've still got vacancies just waiting to be filled 

We're still delivering ten thousand souls a day 

And disproportionately packing them away 


The starving of the multitudes and the feeding of the few 

We're only humanoid there's nothing we can do 

You must do something or we'll all go up in smoke 

We'd like to help but we're afraid of losing votes 


They never listen to you 

They never listen to your cries 

We're not progressing we're only marking time 

You're on your own 




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Think of your children 

Think of your children 

Are they welcome to the world? 


If every Chinaman jumped up and down in sync 

Then California would be sucked into the drink 

You've all got bodies and a few of you got minds 

We'd like to juse them but we never get the time 


Though man's achievements are a credit to us all 

How come we're stading with our backs against the wall? 

One thousand congressmen assemble every day 

They'll send us packing on a dreadlock holiday 


They'll never listen to you 

They'll never listen to your cries 

They'll keep on talking and wasting precious time 

You're on your own 




Think of your children 

Think of your children 

Look to your children 

They're only children 

Are they welcome to the world? 

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