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10 Cc

Genres: Rock

Yvonne's The One Lyrics - 10 Cc

{Lyrics currently unavailable; email to the address below 

for these} 

[NOTE: * indicates tracks not on the domestic release of Mirror 

Mirror. All of these tracks are available on the japanese import of 

Mirror Mirror. Bluebird is available on the UK cd single. Margo Wants 

The Mustard is available on the US cassette single. There is also an 

acoustic version of I'm Not In Love (Acoustic 95 Sessions) which is 

available on the imports and domestic cassette single, but not on the 

domestic cd. The lyrics are the same as I'm Not In Love (orig) and 

(Rework Of Art Mix).] 


Transcribed by TJ Thurston 4/7/95 

[email protected] 

Administrator of Minestrone: The 10cc/Godley & Creme Mailing List 




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