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10,000 Maniacs

Genres: Rock

Jezebel Lyrics - 10,000 Maniacs

To think of my task is chilling 

To know I was carefully 

Building the mask I was wearing 

For two years, swearing I'd tear it off 


I've sat in the dark explaining to myself 

That I'm straining too hard for feelings 

I ought to find easily 

Called myself Jezebel, I don't believe 


Before I say that the vows we made 

Weigh like a stone in my heart 

Family is family 

Don't let this tear us apart 


You lie there, an innocent baby 

I feel like the thief 

Who is raiding your home 

Entering and breaking 

And taking in every room 


I know your feelings are tender 

And that inside you the embers still glow 

But I'm a shadow, I'm only a bed of blackened coal 

Call myself Jezebel for wanting to leave 


I'm not saying 

I'm replacing love for some other word 

To describe the sacred tie 

Tthat bound me to you 


I'm just saying 

We've mistaken one for thousands of words 

And for that mistake 

I've caused you such pain 

That I damn that word 


I've no more ways to hide 

That I'm a desolate and empty 

Hollow place inside 


I'm not saying 

I'm replacing love for some other word 

And to describe the sacred tie 

That bound me to you 


I'm not saying 

Love's a plaything no, it's a powerful word 

Inspired by strong desire 

To bind myself to you. 



How I wish that we never had tried 

To be man and his wife? 

To weave our lives into a 

Blindfold over both our eyes 


Copyright: Christian Burial Music

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