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Genres: Hip-Hop

For Awhile Lyrics - 112

Living my life without you 

Something I don't want to do 

So please don't walk away 

And leave me all alone 

Baby, stay for just a while 



Why can't you stay with me 

For just a while 

'Cause if you leave 

You'll take a piece of me 

Why can't you stay 

With me for just a while 

Boy, you know you have the key to my heart 




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Oh baby, girl I don't want you to go 

You are my heart and soul 

The reason that I live 

The one that I adore 

And I can't stand the thought 

Of being by myself 

But I can't see myself 

Loving no, nobody else 






And when ever you need me girl 

I'll be right by your side 

I'll always love you 

Who can love you 

Why won't you stay with me awhile 


[Chorus: x2] 

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