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Genres: Hip-Hop

God Knows Lyrics - 112

Baby tell me why, why do you question 

All this love that I have for you 

If you look into my eyes you'll make an exception 

I will show you love like no one before 

Put your trust in me, allow me to be there 

Baby give me your hand to hold 

Cause the feelings that I have are so complicated 

That words cannot explain there is only one who knows 



Only God knows how much I love you 

God sees my heart and that it cares about you 

God knows that I'm thinking of you 

And I'm longing for you, how I wish that you knew what God Knows 




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Baby tell me what, what is the reason 

One good reason you're so insecure 

Cause after all that I have done 

I think you should know by now 

Girl I'm down for you and the love I have is pure 

I want to help you understand just how I feel for you 

You're the one that I can't let go 

Because the feeling that I have is so complicated 

That words cannot explain there is only one who knows 


[Chorus: x2] 




And all of my lonely days, only God knows how lonely 

And oh the sleepless nights baby, only God sees me cry 

And every time I think of you, only God can read my mind 

God knows I tried to help you understand 

And Heaven knows I miss you 

Only God can see how much 

Cause every time you go away, I long for your touch 

And when I say I love you girl, only God sees my heart 

He sees my heart, only God knows 




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