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Genres: Hip-Hop

Hot And Wet Lyrics - 112


I wanna show you how I feel 

Don't hold back 

Heres my love 

Baby you're the one for me 

How can we get down tonight 

No more game lets spend some time 

Baby won't you give it to me 

Jus give it to me baby 



You don't know what 

You do to me 

The way you touch baby 

(Slim: Girl I'm tired of playing games are you ready) 

I love it when you're on top of it 

So spread it 

(Slim: Won't u just give it to me, girl we can do it) 




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Hot and wet 

Girl u make me wanna sweat 

When u touch me like that 

Girl you know I wanna give it to you 



Verse 2: 

Baby now it's getting late 

Don't stop now 

I can't wait 

To show u belong to me 

Know how I like it 

Take your time 

Close your eyes 

Let me show you what real love should be 


Repeat Chorus 




Ludacris: now baby you don't work if u work it 

Tweak it twork it 

I feel like your every imperfection is perfect 

Luda yea what you heard is true 

I'll make u do things you ain't even know you can do 

Got them weak in the knees cuz my back is strong 

And you wonder why your girls wanna tag along 

Cuz them birds are jealous 

My words are embellish 

Plus they heard I kiss every curve and crevice 

I'm too hot to handle 

I rock your mantle 

When I play 112 and light 16 candles 

Deep sea fishing in your favorite position 

Everytime you moan I pay close attention 

Flip 'em like a pancake 

Show me something 

Or we can bring in your vibrating tongue ring 

Lets mountain climb 'til we reach the peak 

The technique will make u sweat 

But don't sweat the technique 


Repeat Chorus til end 

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