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Genres: Hip-Hop

I'll Be Right Here Waiting For You Lyrics - 112

Oceans apart day after day 

and I slowly go insane 

I hear your voice on the line 

But it doesn't stop the pain 

If I see you next to never, 

then how can we say forever? 



Wherever you go, 

Whatever you do, 

I'll be right here waiting for you, 

Whatever it takes, 

or how my heart breaks, 

I will be right here waiting for you 




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I took for granted all the times 

That I thought would last some how 

I hear the laughter and I taste the tears 

But I can't get near you now 

Oh can you see it baby 

You've got me goin crazy 




I wonder how, how we can survive this romance 

But in the end if i'm with you i'll take the chance 






Oh I love you, 

Oh whatever it takes, 

Whatever you do, 

Wherever you go i'm never leavin you 


I'll be right here waiting for you 

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