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Genres: Hip-Hop

Room 112 Lyrics - 112

"112 Intro" 




Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably 


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(Puff Daddy:) 

Yeah, that's what 

I'm talkin' 'bout 

Sounds real dramatic 

Like something's coming 

Got that real intro 

Type vibe to it 

Yeah enough of 

The smooth sh*t 

It's bad boy baby 

They go by the name of 

Q, Mike, Slim, Daron 

And this is part three 

You know like the third album 

Like the third time 

We've been here 

Like Part III motherf***ers 

And oh yeah 

They represent the ATL 

Come on 





Just a little 112 

Is all you need 

Just a little 112 

Is all you need 

Just a little 112 

Is all you need, oh yeah 

Just a little 112 

Is all you need 


(Puff Daddy:) 

Let's do it 

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