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12 Stones

Genres: Rock

Anthem For The Underdog Lyrics - 12 Stones

You say you know just who I am 

But you can't imagine 

What waits for you across the line 

You thought you had me 

But I'm still here standing 

And I'm tired of backing down 


And I'm here now feeling the pain 

Of a thousand hearts 

Been to hell and back again 

I won't take this 




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You try so hard to bring me down 

You can't break the broken 

You still don't seem to understand 

It's your turn to see just 

How it feels to be me 

How it feels to be knocked down 


And you're here now feeling the pain 

Of a thousand hearts 

You've been to hell and back again 

You can't take this 



This feeling 




How it feels to be alive 

Now you see me through my eyes 

And we're here now feeling the beat 

Of a thousand hearts 

Coming back to life again 

We can make it 



This feeling 



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