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12 Stones

Genres: Rock

Running Out Of Pain Lyrics - 12 Stones

As he raises his hand you begin to understand 

That no love is worth the hate that you feel 

Now you're running out of pain 

And all these feelings feel the same 

So you close your eyes and wish it all away 


And I lie awake and I try to say 

Anything I know just to ease your pain 

But you hide away where no one can see 

And it's only you that can set you free 


Now the time has come again 

So you reach deep down within 

To find the strength that you have buried there 

As you turn to walk away you can still hear him say 

You'll never make it in this world alone 




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You try to fight (you try to fight) 

You hide the pain (you hide the pain) 

You walk away (never again) 



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