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12 Stones

Genres: Rock

Waiting For Yesterday Lyrics - 12 Stones

Waiting for yesterday 

It's a long walk back to reality, 

she puts another brick in the wall of shame she made so long ago 

trying to figure out where things went wrong 

searching through all the lies she told. 

somehow she missed out on all the things that 

she needed most 

days spent wondering why this life is so cold and 

nothing ever changes 

Screaming for attention, 

watch the sun steal yesterday. 

hiding all emotion far away. 

Trying to find his self confidence, 

another broken heart behind the painless smile that he shows. 

reminded that yesterday is so far gone 

and tomorrow is still a miracle 

somehow he missed out on all the things he needed most. 

days spent wondering why this life is so cruel and 

nothing ever changes. 

Tomorrow's still a miracle 




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