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13 Engines

Genres: Rock

Dirty Little Rat Lyrics - 13 Engines

Dirty little rat, never could get it straight 

The man upstairs says he doesn't care 

If you live 'til daylight 


Dirty little rat 

Get your coat, get your hat 

We're gonna take a ride tonight 


My sweet baby boy 

Born under circumstance 

I'm gonna give you all I got to give you a chance 


Sweet baby boy 

You're going to understand 

Someday you'll be a man 


Something inside snapped 

I still don't understand 

The deal went down, I looked around 

I was left holding the bag 


Something inside cracked 

The deal went down, I looked around 

And now here I am 

Copyright: Penny Farthing Music

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Artist: Ernie Halter