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16 Horsepower

Genres: Rock

Ditch Digger Lyrics - 16 Horsepower

Yes, I went on down for to see my true love 

She is the only girl I will speak of 

Yes, I dug on down for to see my girl 

Free her from the devil's world, oh yeah 

The devil's world 


Hear the sound of her heart poundin' 

Fear was the hole boy that she was found in 

Tears of the Lord, yes, they run to the ground 

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound of love 

How sweet the sound 


Yes, I went on down for to see my true love 

Yeah, an' I found trouble there 

But even so I thank the Lord for giving me 

Yeah and giving one so fair, oh Lord 

One so fair 

Writer: ,

Copyright: Chappell Music, Inc., Warner

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