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16 Horsepower

Genres: Rock

I Seen What I Saw Lyrics - 16 Horsepower

I seen ya in your red room laughin' 

With your shinin' coffee can 

So many wrongs all kinds a goins on 

Held my head an ran 

But I hid and did a bit more lookin' 

Saw ya dancin' on the pine porch creakin' 

Mouth open an doors down wide 

Here's what was inside 

I seen what I saw 

An these things I do are wrong, that's all 

An these tales I tales I tell are tall 

Then I climbed up on the big horse strapin' 

Put the spur down to blood 

He took off 16 horses strong 

Left me lyin' in mud 

An there I sit until the sun's up shinin' 

Yes an black stands my ride 

Twenty hands high 

An watchin' spookeyed 

My hands on his side 

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Copyright: Chappell Music, Inc., Warner

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