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Artist: 5 Ny
Total songs: 3

Open Your Eyes Lyrics - Singles - 5 Ny



Open your eyes and just look down 

You're not that far above the ground 

And when you've found you can't, hold on 

Open your eyes and look around 

Suddenly you're falling down 

And when you've found you can't, hold on 


Little Sara's out the door 

and she's needing so much more 

In her mother's heels she heads downtown 


With homework left to do 

she's gonna find someone new 

and come creeping home without a sound 


Jesse walks the halls alone 

Her head held down she thinks of home 

Daddy's face keeps running through her head 


She hears the school bell ring at three 

and knows that she's no longer free 

Another night to cry herself to bed 




Stanley works his life away 

Gone years without a raise 

Silent rage he's been taking home 


And only Jane can feel his pain 

'cause she's the one who pays 

Living alone until her kids are grow