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Get A Room For Ya Lyrics - Abillyon

[Hook - Abillyon] 

Baby, I'm gon' get a room for ya 

I look like a goon to ya 

You don't know what I'll do to ya 

And you look like the usual 

I feel like I'm losing ya 

I'm gon' bust my tool for ya 

You don't know what I do for ya 

I'm gon' keep my cool for ya 


[Verse 1 - Bobby Shmurda] 

Cool kid, girl I might bust a juice in your eye 

Tell her go and get a room key, girl Imma get a room for us 

Hit me, she told me bout my groupies 

Girl that's just groupie love 

Then I told her bout my two seat 

And who I had in my two seater 

I was rolling like them Drake from DeGrassi, I think I'm fancy 

I won't let em feel this cash me, I let em pass me 

Anigga all about that cash see but if you ask me 

I like em classy but love em nasty 

She gave me head up in my backseat, that's where my gat be 

I leave a million in the alley to fly to Paris 

But then she call me like a taxi so she can text me 

I told that bitch go get my batteries and rub my Cali 




[Verse 2 - Rowdy Rebel] 

Late nights, great sex 

She came first, I came next 

Fucking up this telly 

Watch the walls in this room sweat 

Took a train, I called a jet 

Tell them nigga come get wrecked or Billy Holmes to cut the check 

Put a foot on nigga's neck before a nigga disrespect I disconnect a nigga's neck 

Took a trip out west just to help me with the stress 

Girl excuse me for my foolish thought cause I'm just getting used to you 

Before the brother's [?], grab a room for ya 

I swear to keep it true to ya 

Because true was all she knew before she met me, now it's two of us 

I got her riding in the newest stuff 

I bought the Bentley coupe, baby girl says she wants the Beamer truck 

Fill her tank up, I fill her bank up 

Kiss her, make up, we always break up 

Girl look what this world do to us 

Let's go and get lost baby, I got a room for us 

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