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Ac G

Genres: Rock

Monkey Business Lyrics - Ac G

Verse 1: 

Shuffling my feet 

down the street 

bumps and boozehounds 

increase by leaps and bounds 


by getting closer 

to the dealers fairground 

sold dreams 

going up in steam 


Verse 2: 

down to the mart 

walls tear my view apart 

with blinding lights 

to the left and right 




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easy pleasure 

without measure 

cleaning the wallet 

and tearing my soul 


Chorus 1: 

another monkey business 

leaving another big mess 


Verse 3: 

rigid statues 

kissed by no muse 

painting pictures 

of habits, a must have 


won't you sell your ideal 

ideals never come real 

but there's an easier way 

stop, take and pay 


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Chorus 2: 

another monkey business 

leaving a hole in the heart 


another monkey business 

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