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Alan Lee

Genres: Country

Just Like You Lyrics - Alan Lee


I pulled up my Chevy truck 

With them stars n bars on the tailgate 

She had daisy dukes, and a cut off tee, sippin' on cool lemonade 

And i said "hey lil lady whats your name?" , and she just smiled right at me 

And she hopped up in my pickup truck and said, "its whatever you'd like to call me" 



call me 'freedom girl' or 'rock your world', 'never bow down to no-one' 

'Dirt road lover', 'spring' or 'summer' 

'Moonshine sipper', 'skinny dipper' 

'Sun chasin outlaw' and i said "cool, 

Cause im an outlaw too, im an outlaw like you." 



as we head down I-95 

full tank of gas and 12 pack 

Jason Aldean on the radio singing sounds like our own soundtrack 

and as i glanced her way she's already starin' at me 

she said "pay me no mind sometimes, i wear my heart on my sleeve." 



who would've known, that out on this road 

there's an outlaw just like me 

two lonely souls, out of control 

lookin' for a way to be free 

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