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Anne Phillips

Genres: Pop

You Don't Know What Love Is Lyrics - Anne Phillips

You don't know what love is 

'Til you've learned the meaning of the blues 

Until you've loved a love you've had to lose, 

You don't know what love is. 


You don't know how lips hurt 

Until you've kissed and had to pay the cost, 

Until you've flipped your heart and you have lost, 

You don't know what love is. 


Do you know how a lost heart fears 

At the thought of reminiscing, 

And how lips that taste of tears 

Lose their taste for kissing? 

You don't know how hearts burn 

For love that can, not live yet never dies. 

Until you've faced each dawn with sleepless eyes, 

You don't know what love is. 


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