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Artist: Ari Willson
Total songs: 1

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  1. I Need A Pencil

I Need A Pencil Lyrics - Singles - Ari Willson


"I ain't get taught. She talkin' bout my shoestring in my hair, whatever." 


I need a pencil 

I need a pencil ma dawg 

I need a pencil so I can write on this scan-tron 

I'm 'bout to fail this test 

But I'm still the best 

I'mma wake up 5 minutes before 

and say "Ari you da best" 

and she gone give me all the answers 

'Cuz I asked for them shiiiz 

and I ain't playin wit 'em (a b****) 

If this dumb h*e come in my camera one mo time 

I'mma break her god-d*mn neck 

'Cuz that's how I'm feeling 

Right now