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Artist: Arif Maulana
Total songs: 1

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  1. Cause I Love You

Cause I Love You Lyrics - Singles - Arif Maulana

you are the sun in my days 

the waves in my ocean 

the wind in my sky 

and the beat in my heart 

all my dreams came true 

it's the day that I met you 

I love you 

you are the sunshine of my life 

the moon in my nights 

the light in my dark 

and the beat in my heart 

all my dreams came true 

if you say you love me too 

cause I love you 

all my love for you 

everything that I do 

just wanted you to believe that I love you 

and I promise you 

will never leave you 

cause in my heart there's only your name melia 

I wanna be your arms 

I wanna feel your touch 

I wanna be yours 

every moment spent with you 

is like all my dreams came true 

never ask why I love you 

just accept it's that I do 

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