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Arlo Guthrie

Genres: Rock

Little Beggar Man Lyrics - Arlo Guthrie

I am a little beggar and a beggar I have been 

For three score'r more in this little Isle of green 

And I'm known from the Liffy down to Segue 

And I'm known by the name of bold Donahue 


Of all the trades a-goin' now sure beggin is the best 

When a man gets tired he can lay him down to rest 

He can beg for his dinner when there's nothing left to do 

Then just cut around the corner with his old Rigadoo 


I slept in a barn way down in Curabawn 

A-waitin' in for the mornin' I slept till the dawn 

With the holes in the roof and the rain a-comin' through 

And the cats and the rats they were playin' peeka-boo 


Who should awaken but the woman of the house 

With here white spotted apron and her calico blouse 

She began to frighten when I said boo! 

Sayin' don't be afraid ma'am it's old Johnny Dhu 


I met a little flaxy haired girl one day, 

Good morning little flaxy haired girl I say 

Good morning little Beggar Man and how do you do 

With your rags and your tags and your old Rigaioo 


Buy a pair of leggings and a collar and a be 

And a nice big lady I will fetch by and by 

Buy a pair of goggles and I'll color them blue 

And an old fashioned lady I will make her too 


Over the fields with the pack on my back 

Over the field with my great heavy sack 

With the holes in my shoes and the toes a'peekin' through 

Singin' skittilee rink-a-doodle it's the old Johnny Dhu 


Must be going to bed boys, it's gettin' late at night 

All the fire's all raked and up goes the light 

And now you've heard the story of my old Rigadoo 

It's "Good-bye God be with you' sings the old Johnny Dhu 


Copyright: Public Domain

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