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Arlo Guthrie

Genres: Rock

Oklahoma Nights Lyrics - Arlo Guthrie

by Jimmy Webb 


Put the top down on this old Mustang 

Buy us a bottle of wine 

Head up north to see the old gang 

I want to see some friends of mine 

I want to see some friends of mine 

True loving people whose hearts are kind 

Find that little town that's in the back of my mind 



Oklahoma nights I will never forget you 

Oklahoma, the wind comes sweepin' 

Thru a sky full of lights 

While he's a singin' of an airless flight 

Put the lamp in a window, lead me back 

Lead me back to those Oklahoma nights 

Oklahoma nights 


When we get back to the old barn dance 

We'll hear that Rock-a-billy band 

Singin' about some long lost romance 

And we'll know we're home again 

Yes we'll know we're home again 

With Panhndle people who understand 

Dry a little tear from the back of my hand 


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