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Arlo Guthrie

Genres: Rock

Unemployment Line Lyrics - Arlo Guthrie

words and music by Robb (Rabbitt) MacKay 


Now there's a new craze a-goin' 'round 

It's gettin' bigger in most every town 

From New York City out to Hollywood 

Got everybody in the neighborhood 



Down in the unemployment line 

You got yourself a place and I got mine 

We been here waitin' since the clock struck nine 

Down in the unemployment line 


Now every day you've got to fight the horde 

Just to read what's on the bulletin board 

When you go back and try and claim your space 

Some other sucker come and stole your place 




I hope the people in the government 

Tell us how we're gonna pay the rent 

How we're gonna get enough to eat 

No that the workin' man is obsolete 


If things keep goin' like they seem they do 

Won't be long before they're down here too 

And they can be a part of this here mob 

Workin' nine to five to find a job