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Arlo Guthrie

Genres: Rock

Wouldn't You Believe It Lyrics - Arlo Guthrie

words and musk by Arlo Guthrie 


In the candle, lights burn away 

Leaving nothing, except the day 

Just to blow your mind away 

Coming thus, this daily change 

You sit and pose the very strange 

He sits and hums 'Home on the Range" 

And just wouldn't you believe it 


Now the hallway, now the doors 

Locking out your deathlike chores 

Locking in what's left to score 

Coming thus, this daily thought 

Heroes have so long been taught 

Buying what cannot be bought 

And just wouldn't you believe it 


Like before, my time has gone 

Here's wishing I could carry on 

But I'm being called up into the dawn 

Coming thus, this daily freak 

Try to come again next week 

When I strive to climb the peak 

And just wouldn't you believe it 


Copyright: The Bicycle Music Company

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