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  1. Moonshine

Moonshine Lyrics - Singles - Armageddon Action Figures

Man I hate the sun. 

What do you mean you hate the sun? 

It gets all hot on my neck, but the moon rocks. I wish it were just the moon. 

Yeah but you gotta have the sun rays to live. 

I'd get all the sun rays I need as they bounce off the moon. 

You wouldn't get enough rays from the moon and it'd be dark all the time. 

Not if you had like 5 moons. 

Man, that's wouldn't work. You'd need a thousand moons. 

More than that. 

1 million moons. 

Completely surrounding the earth. 

That'd be real bright though, man. 

Too bright! 

Reflected sunrays from all over. 


Wait a minute. You're not going to get any sun with 1 million moons in the way. 

The sun is between the moons and the Earth. 

Then the sun goes right on down to your neck again. 

You're forgetting about the sun shield. 

So the sun light can't get to Earth. 

It has to be reflected off all the moons. 

But the sun is too big to fit in there. 

It's a small sun. 

Too small to provide for the Earth's needs? 

No. It'd be a lot closer. and hotter. 

Maybe too hot. 

Not with the sun shield there. 

It'd burn right through your precious sun shield and then it's right there on your neck again. 

Oh yeah? 

And now we're right back to square one.