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Genres: Metal

Tentacles Lyrics - Atrox

My tentacles ache 

This phantom pain is oh so confusing 

I'm extraneous matter to the world 

And so estranged 


Look at me any way you want 

My components are human and human and human and human 

Strip me down to humanity 

And cut me up into human and human and human and human 

Into atoms of the fragile 

I'm human I'm human I'm human 


See I bleed red like you 

What was that? Thought I heard you cuckoo 


It may be I speak moron fluently 

But you may be - if possible - even lamer than me 

Yeah you could out-moron me anytime 

We'll both stay with the mooncalves 

Cause we're both aliens 

Equally expendable 

Equally valuable 

So let's talk moron to moron 

What's so great about being unique anyway? 

We all are