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Pinnacle: Hail The End Lyrics - Singles - Axis Of Advance

Hatred and destruction: the fists of revelation 

Singular vision of escaping human misery 

Wanton self-evolution, combined with indescribable power 

The planet once of millions upon billions is reduced to cosmic dust. 


The hands of a man made that world 

The will of a man unmade that world 

The wisp of a hand, all it took 

Unlocking the door to immortality amongst dimensions 


Ruthless world laid to eternal sleep 

For a second, the crying of sheep 

For a second, a voice from the deep 

And then silence. 


Vacuum of vapor, the only clue of a tomb 

Fortunate enough to have been ripped from the womb 

Such was the climax, humanity's final doom 

Oh, the sweet silence 


Hail the end 


Stubborn to the end, some Germans made it out 

A new world to take - Thy Kromna 24 

Repopulate they will; purify; baptism of fire! 


The hands of man build a new world 

The minds of mankind empower their will 

Destruction/Creation: identical over time 

That's the true nature of immortality amongst dimensions 

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