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Bear's Den

Genres: Indie

Gabriel Lyrics - Bear's Den

It's a part of me, Gabriel, 

I wish I could deny 

A face that I 

Can barely recognize. 


He lives inside of me, Gabriel, 

Everyday of my life 

And I can hear him 

Screaming in the night. 


It's just a shadow, 

Cast from all the light 

Wherever I go 

He's never far behind. 


And in the darkness 

I lose him every time 

In the dark 

The two of us combine. 



Is this all I am? 

And all I ever was? 

All that he has won, 

Is all that I have lost. 

Won't you hear me out, Gabriel? 

Can't you see the shape I'm in? 

Just don't leave me alone. 

Just don't leave me alone. 


It's a part of me, Gabriel, 

A stranger in the night 

All that I have done, 

Will I ever reconcile? 


It's not just a shadow 

But a life I left behind 

The person that I am, 

Yet most despise. 


Chorus x2 

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