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Genres: Rock

It's Not Unusual Lyrics - Belly

Written by gordon mills and leslie reed. 


It's not unusual to be loved by anyone. 

It's not unusual to have fun with anyone, 

But when I see you hanging around with anyone, 

It's not unusual to see me cry. 

Oh, I wanna die. 

It's not unusual to go out at anytime, 

But when I see you out and about, 

It's such a crime. 

If you should ever wanna be loved by anyone, 




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It's not unusual. 

It happens everyday, 

No matter what you say, 

You know it happens all the time. 

Love will never do what you want it to. 

Why can't this crazy love be mine? 

It's not unusual to be mad with anyone. 

It's not unusual to be sad with anyone, 

But if I ever found that you'd change at anytime, 

It's not unusual to find out I'm in love with you. 




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