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Big Smo

Genres: Hip-Hop

Good Ol' Days Lyrics - Big Smo

Let's bring it back to the days 

In the back of the class 

Laughing and passing the grass 

Chasin' some ass 

Talk trash and get smacked in a scrap 

Man whatever happened to that 

Before we had fancy cars and vacations 

Before we had a flat screen or a Playstation 

Now I'm gettin' older 

Everything changed 

Still I take a walk down memory lane 

To them good ol' days 

I miss the good ol' days 


Before social media 

And the internet 

We was rowdy as hell 

But still innocent 

Bumpin' hip hop 

On cassette tapes 

I would dream about bein' the next great 

Out late on a date 

With my high school fling 

Hit it wearin' nothin' but my high school ring 

Never was the type to be the high school king 

Lookin' back I wouldn't change a thing 

About them good ol' days 

I loved them good ol' days 

Back when the police used to know my name 


Before I had bills and kids to raise 

There ain't a damn thing that I would change about the good ol' days 

If I would have known what I know now 

I would have pumped them brakes and slowed on down 

I'd do anything to turn around 

And go back to the good ol' days 


I just wanna go back 

To the good ol' days (x 4) 

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