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Big Smo

Genres: Hip-Hop

I Made This Road Lyrics - Big Smo

With both feet on the ground 

One step at a time 

My aim is on point 

And I'm goin' for mine 

Spittin' hit after hit 

Drop 'em every season 

Change the game as we know it 

Now they all wanna be him 

I'm not standin' for nothin' 

I wouldn't fight to the death 

Your words are garbage 

Makes me wish I was deaf 

I live it line for line 

Every rhyme for rhyme 

The top was wide open 

So I made it all mine 

Take a shot at the boss 

Your career is a loss 

Hell a billion dollar budget 

Couldn't fix what you brought 

So take it back to the start 

And look deep in your heart 

Y'all don't have what it takes 

To make a place on the charts 


Been through the struggle 

Paid dues with my life 

Cards on the table 

It's my game 

So you better fold 

I made this road 

My blood, sweat, and tears 

Pouring like burning liquor 

I'm on that new shit 

And you'll always be on the old 

I paved this road 

I made this road 


No genre can hold 

This sound in my soul 

See what I've become 

Is more precious than gold 

The valves unknown 

'Cause it's never been done 

But I know that it's hot 

It shine bright as the sun 

I been there and won 

Most things that you dream 

Crossed over crossovers 

And shit on mainstream 

I fight for a team 

Whose struggle is real 

The future was uncertain 

As a 360 deal 

We delivered the proof 

And paved our own lane 

We took what was ours 

And gave up the fame 

We planted a name 

And built it to grow 

We call it the future 

You know it as Smo 


Been through the struggle 

Yeah I fought with my life 

Cards on the table 

I've played them just right 

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