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Big Smo

Genres: Hip-Hop

Movin' On Up Lyrics - Big Smo

Movin' on up 

Made it from the gutta 

Don't stutter 

Do it how no other brother gunna do it 

Fillin' my cup 

This that Tennessee Southern 

With the gravy and the butta 

Gettin' to it 

Come from little to nothing 

I made it to somethin' 

Got skills so you know I gotta use it 

Back in the stix 

Thinkin how I'm gunna get rich 

Busy makin' this trap music 

Hot Damn 

Cookin' with the pots & the pans 

Back when I used to sell grams 

My man told me if I come up with a plan 

And hustle with my hands 

One day I'll be movin' on up 


Movin' on up 

Made it from the broken glass 

To throwin' cash 

It's rainin' on the dance floor 

Change my luck 

Yeah it took sacrifice to rap this nice 

And do it on a damn tour 

Now we goin' state to state 

To take my place among the greats 

So what more could I ask for 

Keep it goin' city to city 

I put my name on they titties 

And go and hit it from the back 

Till they back sore 

Got her like slow down 

What you gunna do now 

When I come up in ya town 

Straight business 

Yeah I got taught 

It ain't a crime 

If ya never caught 

So believe that I'm leaving no witness 

When I'm movin' on up 


Movin' on up 

Made it from the bottom 

If ya got a problem 

Take it to the streets 

Let's solve it 

Got'em like what 

Run ya mouth 

See what I'm about 

You can get ya ass kicked 

If you talk shit 

Made it through the mud 

Made it through the tears, sweat, blood 

Made it when nobody ever said I could 

I was clockin' in at 5 

I was gettin' home at 10 

Made a promise to myself 

Never do that shit again 

It's a ho-down 

Look at me now 

Back in the Ville 

I'm the talk of the town 

never had much 

but i made a vow 

I'm'a play the beat loud 

do'em proud 

Cause I'm movin' on up 


Movin' on up 

Movin' on up 

I'm movin' on up 

I used to think 

That I was stuck 

But then I changed, changed, changed, changed my 


I'm movin' on up 

I'm movin' on up 

I'm movin' on up 

I'm movin' on up 

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