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Big Smo

Genres: Hip-Hop

My Kind America Lyrics - Big Smo

With my hand over my heart 

Eyes to the sky 

Pledge my allegiance 

To the stars and the stripes 

That's what I was taught 

Before I even knew why 

The American way 

Is that why we fight for our freedom 

But what's the meaning 

If we don't try 

Better get it all together 

Or we're all gonna die 

Terrorize our lives 

And we all gonna rise 

One Nation under God 

With our guns on our side 


Presidential candidates 

Lookin' like a buncha fakes 

Line 'em all up and see 

If they got what it takes 

To represent the people 

For us who saw the prequel 

The last decade was controlled by the evil 

With the man in charge 

And his global entourage 

I coulda done a better job 

From my two car garage 

So what's it gonna take 

Compassion state to state 

Give me all the details 

And draft a mandate 

I'll see it carried out 

Can't you hear the children shout 

Their future's lookin' dim 

If we don't do something about it 

For heaven's sake 

Why we lookin' so afraid 

Media fed minds 

Man why we so blind ... come on! 


Maybe if we work a 'lil bit harder 

We could get a 'lil bit farther 

For our sons and daughters 

My kind America 

People, we can be our own leaders 

And live a little bit freer, if we fight for 

My kind America 


Just call on me brother 

When you got a plan 

We all need America to be strong 

I'll stand up for my sisters 

When they need a hand 

We got to lead America to be Strong 

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