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Big Smo

Genres: Hip-Hop

Never Get Old To Me Lyrics - Big Smo

You been like the sun shinin' down my face love 

Told myself I'm a boss, wouldn't chase love 

First we break up then make love 

Then we fight again and I hate love 

Girl, I guess that's how this here goes 

We can keep it on the hush and tip-toe 

We can take it to my place and get low 

Or we can hit the bar until the spot close 

When I'm on the road doin' shows 

In cities I don't know 

Who you think I got runnin' through my mind 

I been makin' stacks 

It's a fact that when I get back 

Promise that I'm gonna give you all my time 

I got you girl 


All I need is one microphone 

2 shots of Hennessey 

1 for my kinfoke 

1 for my enemies 

1 bad woman 

With good energy 

She got hood tendencies 

That I could take back to Tennessee 

Damn, now that's what I'm talking bout 

Like the money put the honey in my hand 

Or I'm walking out 

Make a scene like pay-per-view 

I got ring side seats 

I'm a staying for you 

Watching love unfold 

Don't ever get old 

Naw, every day is feeling brand new 

Trust no matter how far 

When you look up at the stars 

Know I'm lookin' at the same ones too 

Hold me down baby 


When you're far away 

And it's hard to sleep 

Just the thought of you 

I'm smiling from cheek to cheek 

Forever young together 

That's how we'll be 

Growin' up with you 

Will never ever ever get old to me 

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