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Big Smo

Genres: Hip-Hop

Retox Lyrics - Big Smo

I can feel the sunlight creepin' through my window 

Last night left me laying on my floor 

Who's that sleeping in my bed though 

Must'a been the last girl that said hello 

Headed to the fridge when my feet hit the ground 

I got a hangover that I'm tryna shut down 

2 shots of whiskey and a cold beer to pound 

And it's back to the bar 

We're ready for another round 


'Cause we went heavy last night 

With the beer and the shots 

And we'll start it up again before the day gets hot 

Don't even need to look at the clock 

'Cause you know we don't stop 

It's time to Retox 

Keep it going with the hair of the dog 

Better bring a Bloody Mary just to start it off 

Saddle up and get back on the sauce 

'Cause you know we don't stop 

It's time to Retox 


Now we're drinkin' margaritas 

And pitchers o' sangria 

Singapore slings 

With tequila on the side 

And them Hurricanes got my brain 

Lost on the concept of space and time 

But we're still goin', yeah the party's still growin' 

We just livin' for the moment 

While we're in our prime 

'Cause you only live once, so we chalk it all up 

In a bottomless cup from morning to night 


You know it's Mr. Wild and Free 

Yeah that's me 

And the party don't stop 

I can guarantee 

From sun up to last call 

The whole spot's on fleek 

A celebration in the makin' 

So call all ya peeps 

I drink 1 for breakfast 

2 for brunch 

3 or 4 more 

When it's time for lunch 

My whole crew gets turnt 

When I walk in the room 

And the ladies go crazy 

When the bass goes BOOM 

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