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Big Smo

Genres: Hip-Hop

Rollin' Lyrics - Big Smo

Wide open 

Got the tail pipes smokin' 

Lane to lane floatin' 

No GPS loadin' 

Cuz even when I got no place to go 

It's just me, myself, and the open road 

And when I hit the I-24 

You damn right 

Gonna put the pedal to the floor 

Outta sight 

I'm gone 

But baby I'll be back by dawn 

'Til then crank my favorite song 

Cause I got that... 


Now my old school Riviera 

Can't be stopped 

My Chevy lookin' pretty 

When I drop the top 

So everybody in the stix they know 

When they see the whip rollin' they be like 

That's Smo 

Baby they ain't no other way to go 

Haulin' ass 

While I listen to the radio 

Hit the gas 

No doubt 

Y'all know what I'm about 

I put the key in the ignition 

And I'm out 

Yeah I got that... 


I got that clear blue sky 

Sunshine on my mind 

Highway by my side 

Yeah, I'm doing just fine 

I feel that wind blowing through my soul 

Tellin' me which way that I need to go 

So I keep rollin', rollin' rollin' 

You know I gotta keep it rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' 


Now if you're on a dirt road 

Or in the grass 

If you goin' real slow 

Or movin' fast 

As long as you're feelin' it 

In your soul 

Better let them windows down 

Turn it up 

And let's roll 

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