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Big Smo

Genres: Hip-Hop

Say My Name Lyrics - Big Smo

I'm a make 'em say my name 

This for my folks 

Just for the heat 

Who stood in the cold 

For my name 

From the back of the club 

Up to the front row 

They gonna say my name 

And the ladies for sure 

They all love 'em some Smo 

So I take 'em back home 

Just to make 'em say my name 

Since back in the day 

1 thing on my brain 

Do what it takes to build up my name 

Before all the fame 

1 foot in the game 

Throw fuel on the flames 

And let it just blaze 

Hell what can I say 

This who I am 

Same good ol' boy 

That don't give a damn 

Whatever it took 

To be my own man 

Payin' my dues 

Hand over hand 

You all know me 

Straight Tennessee 

Kuntry Boy 

Sippin' on mama's sweet tea 

Kickin' up mud 

Just for the love 

Reality is what you see on TV 

It's kinfoke for life 

That's what it is 

My fans are my family 

Just like my kids 

My team is on point 

So they handle my biz 

I said I want bangers they bringin'me hits 

Like this 




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