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Big Smo

Genres: Hip-Hop

Struttin' In The Stix Lyrics - Big Smo

You won't find no city lights 

Way back up in the woods 

We don't need no neon signs 

Tellin' us what's good 

So make your way out to our spot 

Come and get your Kuntry fix 

Where the girls are hot 

And the beer is cold 

We're struttin', struttin', struttin' 

In the Stix 


Hell yeah we struttin' in the stix (x 4) 


Back home they say the smaller the town 

You now the sweeter the pine 

I say the finer the women 

You know the quicker the shine 

Goes bye bye 

Now get it when the getting' gets done right 

And pile on up like a 12 pack of Bud Lite 

Bonfire party with a dozen fine dimes 

Sippin' Pappy's moonshine 

Now we talkin' good times 

Get 'em shakin' and bumpin' 

Can't fake it when they love it 

Gotta break 'em of somethin' 

And have the whole town runnin' 

You ain't never seen gritty 

Like a backwood hillbilly 

Middle of the city 

Slangin' mud from an F-50 

Straight hell-raisin' 

Claimin' that we amazin' 

We done did it like we did it 

And we'll do it again 

Come on 


Now when the getting' gets to gettin' it 

You gotta get 'er done 

So crank it on up for some good ol' fun 

You might find yourself out in the middle of the stix 

Where I know some rednecks who be gettin' they 


With some half-dressed dimes 

Dippin' and spittin' 

On the tailgate sippin' 

With them banjos pickin' 

That ol' Outlaw Kuntry 

Ain't no City Slickers 

Go on and fire up the grill 

With the cow, pig, and chicken 

Meat Mud smothered 

With all the right fixin's 

And a cooler full o' brew 

That Pabst Blue Ribbon 

We are who we are 

Damn proud to admit 

We them backwood hicks 

Who be struttin' in the stix 

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