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Big Smo

Genres: Hip-Hop

Thing For You Lyrics - Big Smo

Now it was just another Friday night 

I thought I'd take a drive 

And maybe catch me a bite 

And I knew a little spot down a couple of lights 

Where the music was low and the mood was just right 

So I slid into a corner booth 

Ordered a sweet tea appetizer for two 

You was checkin' me out and I was lookin' at you 

I decided to ease over and talk for a few 

Now I'm not usually the type to be out at a bar 

'Cause the late night scene seems to go too far 

And I used to be the type to go way too hard 

But here I am and baby, there you are 


Now I could be wrong 

I might be right 

I never have believed in love at first sight 

But I know 

I'm crazy over you 

It's the way you look 

The way you move 

The way I feel from across the room 

Now tell me 

Tell me it ain't true 

I think I got a thing for you 


Now I can't believe in this small town 

Where we both growed up 

That it took this long for us to both show up 

And who would have known 

That over a couple of cups 

In so little time we both learn so much 

And you know how these rooms here can talk 

Everybody's in this bar is watching us like a hawk 

And if it's too much for you to handle, 

I could just take a walk 

'Cause I'm sure you got a man 

And I don't want you to get caught 

But if not, you can just roll with me 

Hell I'm parked right outside in that SUV 

It's funny times like this I just can't believe 

Something so accidental is so meant to be 


You can call it love 

You can call it lust 

I never was sure a' what it was 

All I knew 

It took me by surprise, yeah 

From the first hello to the last goodbye 

Whenever I'm with you feels like I'm loosin' my mind 

I know I've got a thing for you 

I've got a thing for you 

Are you remember?


Artist: Damien

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