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Biz Markie

Genres: Hip-Hop

Toilet Stool Rap Lyrics - Biz Markie



Ah yeah 

Now check it out 

I would walk into the bathroom to take a crap 

I sit down, and then I write me a toilet stool rap 

Whether I'm constipated or have diarrhea 

I always come out with a funky fresh idea 

Even if you don't think it's funky fresh, and 

To all the little kids I'm makin a good impression 

Cause a lot of my hits are written on the john 

I hope my legendary style of rap lives on 

This's a hidden secret where classics come from 

Everybody has done it, even my man Run 

Only in there I am the king of the throne 

Hey, hey, you know I can't be alone 

No girls, no guys, no dogs, no cats 

No parents, no nieces, no nephews, no brats 

That's the only way that I can get privacy 

And you know where I write my funky fresh rhymes live, you see... 

Me sittin on a toilet 

Waitin for my bowels to move 

I got a doodoo rap 

I got a doodoo... 

Yo, bust it 

Let me tell you a little something bout this episode 

It was four in the morning, chillin on my commode 

It was me, my pad, and pen, and my bad breath 

All of a sudden I came up with somethin that was real def 

I was thinkin, what a real beatbox could do 

What if I put a hype beat with the "p-pf 1-2"? 

Then I write some words, so I really can use it 

I think I would name this one Make The Music 

Like if I was the man that they call Clark Kent 

Cause I go into the bathroom for rhymes I invent 

Then I come out on stage like Superman 

But never show the people my masterplan 

Instead of movin towels, or movin vowels 

Only think I'm doin, is movin bowels 

A tv in the bathroom just might spoil it 

Only thing I can say is... 

I'm sittin on a toilet 

Waitin for my bowels to move 

I got a doodoo rap 

I got a doodoo 





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