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Artist: Bob Dylan
Genres: Rock
Total songs: 10
Year: 1990

Empire Burlesque

  1. 1. When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky one year ago
  2. 2. Something's Burning, Baby one year ago
  3. 3. Seeing The Real You At Last one year ago
  4. 4. Never Gonna Be The Same Again one year ago
  5. 5. I'll Remember You one year ago
  6. 6. Emotionally Yours one year ago
  7. 7. Dark Eyes one year ago
  8. 8. Clean - Cut Kid one year ago
  9. 9. Trust Yourself one year ago
  10. 10. Tight Connection To My Heart one year ago

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Shadows In The Night

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New Morning

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Time Out Of Mind

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