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Belong Lyrics - Under Control - Cary Brothers

wake up lonely with you by my side 

one more night it doesn't feel 

there are movies playing in your eyes 

you dream of our fortunes 

but you're wrong. 

i don't belong to you 

the moon is the only friend i have outside 

one more drink & i'll be healed 

i told you the words & then knew it was a lie 

i wish i could offer an appeal 

you're wrong 

i don't belong to you 

what i'd give for that first night when you were mine 

tried with all that i have to keep you alive 

i wasn't taught this way with a thousand things to say 

i was born with a broken heart 

what i'd give for that first night 

you were mine 

so i'll put this cigarette to bed 

pull some sheets from off your side 

i put my arm around you safe in the night 

still dreaming of fortune 

but you're wrong 

i don't belong. 

Are you remember?